Some Rarer T & T Treasures

In the last 4 or 5 years I have managed to pick up a few quite rare pieces of Tunnels & Trolls memorabilia. Here are a few of my favourite pieces.


Dungeon of the Bear Lvl 1

Dungeon of the Bear I The Dungeon of the Bear isn't a new acquisition but something I picked up in my teens. I include all 3 levels here because this particular version in loose-leaf A5 format with coloured card covers seems to be quite rare.

Dungeon of the Bear Lvl 2

Dungeon of the Bear II. These are all the original UK version published by Chris Harvey Games in the West Midlands in 1979. In fact I don't have the original map to this level, that seems to have gone missing in my parents' cellar while my T & T stuff hibernated for 20 odd years. I owe the ever-reliable Naharat from Trollhalla thanks for giving me a scan of his version to at least keep the dungeon complete.

Dungeon of the Bear Lvl 3

Dungeon of the Bear III. I never ran a party through the final level of Dungeon of the Bear. It just looked so daunting that I didn't dare put my friends through such torture.

Elven Lords

Elven Lords - Cover. I kept seeing this solo up for auction on Ebay or at Noble Knight and it would sell for well over $50 every time. I occasionally would put a bid or two in but never get near to winning. Then this one appeared and I bid not thinking I'd win but low and behold I got it for just $23.08. It's in excellent condition too. One day I must get around to actually playing it.

Elven Lords

Elven Lords - Signatures. Just to prove it's the real deal and to show off a bit here is the inside front cover sporting the signatures of Mike Stackpole and Liz Danforth and showing it was number 352 out of 1150. Perhaps it's just me but 1150 seems a strange number of copies to print. Perhaps if anyone runs into Rick Loomis at TrollCon this year they could ask him why this number?

Dargon's Dungeon 1st edition

Dargon's Dungeon 1st Edition. I have always been fascinated by the first editions of some of the older solos that were re-written by different authors subsequently. Well if this is anything to go by the originals were not very good. The Danforth cover is splendid but the interior illustrations could have been done by a 6 year-old and the action is little better. Thank you Flying Buffalo for the second edition.

A Sword for the Wizard

A Sword for the Wizard. My most recent acquisition (September 2011). This manuscript is what eventually became the Flying Buffalo solitaire adventure 'Sword for Hire'. I won a Trollgod auction and now this fantastic piece of Tunnels & Trolls history is all mine. It really is a fabulous piece of work and contains lots of the author, James Wilson's, original illustrations.

Sid Orpin (aka Darrgh Tarrrho)

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September 2011

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