T & T Adventures from My Adolescence

Darrgh's Den

The paperwork for Trinian - The Palathron Quest

More of the maps of the T & T dungeons I wrote in my teens

Trinian I

Trinian Level 1. This is probably the best dungeon complex I designed as I didn't try to make it too large or too convoluted. I'm quite impressed by the small but beautifully drawn map and the simple concept of a quest for the magical jewel 'The Palathron' that draws adventurers into the action. Perhaps I'll get it all typed up and make it available as a free pdf download.

Trinian II

Trinian Level 2. Another tidy map drawn on graph paper - thanks are definitely due to the maths and physics departments at my school for the generosity of their supply of this T & T design essential. This further level of the dungeon where the quest may be brought to a successful conclusion or ignominious defeat.

More of my T & T adventures from Adolescence

Sid Orpin (aka Darrgh Tarrrho)

December 2010

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