T & T Adventures from My Adolescence

Darrgh's Den

The pile of T & T adventures I wrote in my teens. It all looks a bit too tidy doesn't it?

Adventure Design History.

There is a considerable amount of guesswork about this timeline of when I wrote which dungeon as I didn't always put a date on them but I think this is reasonably accurate. Nallander Village probably falls into 1983 but I really have no definite way of knowing that.

  1. 1980 Easterling Caves I, II & III
  2. 1981 Nallander Wood, Caeron's Point I & II
  3. 1981 The Crystal Kingdom & The Mines of Anorien
  4. 1982 Trinian I & II
  5. 1982 Fingor & Mankwater Marshes
  6. 1983 Carros Caverns I & II

Sid Orpin (aka Darrgh Tarrrho)

December 2010

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