T & T Adventures from My Adolescence

Darrgh's Den

More of those red excercise books - Carros Caverns

More of the maps of the T & T dungeons I wrote in my teens

Carros Caverns I

Caros Caverns Level 1. I'm pretty sure this was the last dungeon I designed before the need to revise for A-levels became so pressing that my few T & T-playing friends abandoned roleplaying in favour of revision. A big complex with large numbers of small rooms to seek out and explore. I think I only ever ran a session through here once and it didn't progress very far.

Carros Caverns II

Carros Caverns Level 2. The scans aren't that good. The manmade sections to the right should have a pale blue colour to them indicating thay are flooded and more canals than corridors. This could be considered my "unfinished dungeon" since the notes have gaps for various rooms and caverns and even what I have written up hasn't been copied in to one of my red excercise books.

Timeline of Dungeon Design

Sid Orpin (aka Darrgh Tarrrho)

December 2010

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